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Protection Tape Clear
Protection Tape Clear
Protection Tape Clear
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Specification of Protection Tape Clear

Protection Tape Clear

Protection Tape Premasking Tape Clear/Clear is an ingredient of plastic PE that has adhesive/glue in different levels determined according its usefulness, so that these can function wrapping plastic coating materials that will be protected/unprotected from the risk so that coated scratches, dirty, dust, blisters etc.  but later the plastic could be removed and disposed of later in the day without leaving any traces of glue/adhesive from plastic itself.


as the name implies, the protection tape Clear it had a color transparent/Clear nodes, where its thickness specifications about 45 microns. for rekatnya power is generally divided into three namely: low, medium, high. specification for low adhesive which is usually to stick on a smooth surface material such as: glass, stainless steel mirror finish, marble floors, vinyl-sticker-decal motor etc. While the highest specification i.e. high adhesive is usually to stick dipermukaan rough, such as aluminium, wood furniture still feels wooden fibers, materials berpermukaan like "Orange skin" etc.



as for the specification of the size of the protection tape is clear:

-1250 mm x 100 m

-1250 mm x 200 m

-1250 mm x 500 m

where the above specifications are for the size of the intact, for wide 1250mm can we help you cut suits with minimal width 20 mm, and the length of keeping fit

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