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Single Foam Tape
Single Foam Tape
Single Foam Tape
Single Foam Tape
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Specification of Single Foam Tape

Single Foam Tape

Single Sided Foam Tape (Sponge Tape) is an eva foam foam tape-based adhesive tape that has glue / adhesive on one side of it commonly used to retain moisture, dust, smoke, odor, water, light and insects, eliminates or reduces noise and vibration, providing impact resistance, bearing and protection, or friction on assembled components.

Single Foam Tape

Our Foam Tapes are used in many Industries including: building, electronics, automotive, marine, air conditioner, glass, aluminum frames, etc. These products have different function values ​​depending on what your application is. Isolation.

Single Tape in general has a type that is distinguished from the thickness, foam color, width and length of tape

for size, color and thickness can adjust with customer request, time of work of PO / order between 2 - 5 days.

we also produce single tape with 3M adhesive

Usage Single tape assorted, both used at home and in home appliances and automotive complementary

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